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Gifts for gorgeous mums

Here at Mama Jewels we have a unique, fabulous and stylish selection of New mum gifts, including Designer baby change bags, Teething necklaces and Nursing necklaces . We truly believe that Mums give up enough when they have their little ones and now with Mama Jewels, stylish jewellery and accessories like a Teething necklace, a Nursing necklace or a luxury designer bag doesn't need to be one of those things!

If you are looking for a Teething necklace or Nursing necklace our selection is unrivalled and we really hope we have something for all styles and budgets and our team are happy to help if you would like something a little different using our bespoke design service

- Amanda Waring


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Eskina new mum gift nursing teething necklace

Guaranteed baby-proof! Natural Wood Teething necklaces - We guarantee that the Teething necklaces we make from natural wood at Mama Jewels are baby-proof and stylish too. Our main priority is safety as we want to provide you with a necklace that you can safely wear and know that your baby will NOT break it.
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10 Tips for coping with your child’s first school residential - Tomorrow my eldest son is going to be off on his first residential trip with primary school, he is seven years old and it's the first time he will be away from home without family. I thought might be helpful to other parents to share my tips on making the whole expereince it less harrowing for Mother and Son, this goes for daughters and dads too!
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